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Are You Ready to Scale Your Business 2x, 3x, or more.... Working 25 Hours a Week or Less?

With Goalchiever™ Business Coaching You can use the same formulas and systems I developed that made my businesses grow fast and healthy while working a few hours a week…  and have now helped hundreds of ecstatic clients do the same.

These are proven business systems from over 25 years of starting and buying more than 100 businesses and quickly growing revenues, cash flows, and profits to increase reflective values by 200%, 300%, or more.

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If You Are Working More Than 25 Hours Per Week, You Are Working Too Much!

Hello My Friend,

Maybe you can relate…  I was once working 60 to 70 hours a week or more in my business. While the business was a success, I was tired, and never had enough time. There were fires to put out, someone with a crisis, and decisions that seemed only I could make.

I was sure that growing my business meant piling more on my plate and I was already spread too thin. While I believed I was growing my business, the fact is I was subconsciously inhibiting the growth.

Most Businesses Owner Roles Were Not Well Defined and Meticulously Planned… They Have ‘Evolved‘ From Reacting to Fire After Fire That Required Immediate Attention

When you are managing and working in your business, giving it your all,  the idea of growing your business more can seem like… ‘more work.’
You can overwork until you become subconsciously averse to growing!

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs live in a reactionary cycle.

Business owners and participating stakeholders work downstream of their root issues. They work tirelessly to solve the onslaught of problems that the current keeps washing towards them. You need systems that get you out of the water to walk upstream and solve or stop the problems where they begin.  

Why Are Some Business Owners Able to Work Much Less and Grow Much Faster While Making Three, Five, Even 10x More Money Than Others?

I wanted to know… and I bet you do too!

As a business broker, advisor, and valuation expert for several decades, I was visiting and evaluating businesses on a daily basis.  I discovered some business owners were working like crazy for 50, 60, 70, 80 or more hours a week. Then I would visit a business where the owner was working much less, (20 hours or less a week) and making as much or often much more as their overworked counterparts and sometimes competitors.  

I investigated businesses: due diligence on employees, contractors, processes, books, tax returns, systems, owner behaviors and habits, hiring, delegating, managing, marketing metrics, data, etc. I compiled libraries of information and data.

What I Learned:

99.8% of business owners did not have an accurate job description (most had none at all.) They started a business and did whatever was needed to survive and hopefully grow. Nothing wrong with that… however, while the business had greatly changed, their roles had not. Years into the business they were often performing menial tasks, making outdated (and often) costly economic decisions, and suffering from WREC (Working at a Reduced Effectiveness Capacity.)  

Out of reacting to the necessities during the business building period, business owners let the business define their roles. They never redefined their positions to take control.

Every business that succeeds experiences four distinct stages. At each epoch the business needs change and requires a new owner role. Yet few business owners change for the new roles… very few.  -> Keep in mind that 92% of all businesses end in failure… and of the remaining that succeed, most all could have done even better.

After you have built a profitable business and you reach the third stage of Business Growth, where a strategic position is required:

You need new behaviors, different skills and a new mindset.

Your business needs the best systems, processes, and formulas available.


The average small business owner is overworking by more than 225% and under performing at less than 30% of their TRUE capacity  

I gathered all that information and studied the systems, formulas, and processes these highly successful businesses had in place. I combined some, improved others, and implemented some of my own systems.

You have probably heard of ROI (Return On Investment). But what about the business owner’s ROE?  Every business owner needs to know their ROE (Return On Effort) ratio yet I have not met one that does.

I developed the Business Owner ROE formula and will show you how to measure yours. Then with the ROE strategy you will discover how to reverse the scales of work versus income. Work less make more!    

To test my program I bought a business with the intention of applying all these systems, formulas, and processes. Within two weeks I was working less than 10 hours a week at the business and receiving a full time income. I doubled the business profit and less than a year later I sold the same business for more than twice what I had paid!

Since Then I Have Owned Businesses That Paid as Much as $300,000 A Year Working Only Two Hours A Week! 

So for the next two decades I bought and sold privately held businesses at a profit.

You could say I ‘flipped’ businesses…  businesses of all types. This was not a solo effort, I had assembled a skilled and versatile team including managers, accountants, agents, attorneys, etc.

I Discovered In Most Every Case, Using My Formulas
You Can Grow More and Make More By Working Less!

In each business I implemented my systems and processes and developed ‘growth versus effort’ algorithms and metrics. I applied my systems and processes to a myriad of industries including accounting firms, fabricators, health practices, manufacturing, marketing agencies, sales, technology based, service based, professional practices, and more. 

Flipping small businesses is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. The goal was to at least double the value of each business in 12 months or less. We did this successfully and repeatedly on an unmatched scale.

Increasing the value of a business 2x, 3x or more was not about increasing the assets of the business. We would double or triple cash flow and that had to reflect in profit. While I have failed at start up businesses more than once, we were 100% successful flipping businesses.

Yet this is not about me… this is about you and for you.

All this is not to blow my own horn but to illustrate the value of what you are about to receive.

In fact, I seldom have considered myself the smartest person in a room, frequently even when there is only one other person in the room! 

I merely had the opportunity to run into many more walls to find the doors in business than most people. I have an extensively broad range of business experience.

And I Have Great News For You!

I am sharing my knowledge and experience with you. Information that has unparalleled value for you. 

My name is Phil ‘Leap’ Baker. I spent several decades perfecting systems and processes to grow business as fast as possible with the least effort and optimum profit.

The last few years I have been teaching these methods to business owners and entrepreneurs and they are experiencing the same success.

My system is “Goalchiever Coaching™” for business!

Now I truly want to help you work less and grow and make more.


Goalchiever Coaching™ is the Only Program On Earth That Will Grow Your Business This Fast and With Less Work

There is nothing on earth like this program. For years I used these systems and formulas and now they are available to you.

While my formal education includes business and accounting, I learned that what they don’t teach you about business is the most important!

Using these systems, establishing your KPI specifics, and interpreting results you can:

  • easily spot potential issues and prevent costly events
  • better manage operations and processes 
  • accurately predict trends
  • make optimal decisions
  • improve customer or client communications
  • reach your goals at light speed!

With Goalchiever Coaching™ we will map your strategy to reach your goals aligned with your core values. Your path becomes salient.  

Then I work collaboratively, shoulder to shoulder (virtually) with you and any leadership teams to navigate to your goals. 


You Will Quickly See New Solutions, Smash Challenges and Increase Profits

Discover how you can break commensurate thinking and behavior and 3x your own power to make things move faster and more efficiently so you can:  

Great Business Coach

Unparalleled Expertise TO HELP YOU with:

1) BUSINESS TROUBLESHOOTING: Do you need help with a business problem right now? Expert evaluation of your business challenges and the optimal solutions.

2) COMMUNICATIONS: Get the best outcomes from your customers, clients, employees, contractors, freelancers and negotiations.

3) CASH FLOW: How to increase your cash flow right now.

4) SCALING: Quickly outline the path to growing your business with priority action lists. Get and use the same formulas I have used to double and triple business revenues.

5) PLANNING / STRATEGY: How to plan any business or process and increase the success ratios.

6) PROJECT MANAGEMENT: The S.T.E.M. method I developed to maximize projects or business success.

7) MARKETING: How to evaluate what marketing is best for your offer and how to implement the plan. From funnels to email campaigns to top copy writing. Also establishing KPIs and interpreting metrics.

8) SALES: Team and individual strategies, motivation, coaching and planning. From script development to team building and making sales.

9) HIRING: Use my hiring techniques that were implemented by the U.S. Government. See how to reduce costly turnover and attract and hire the best candidates. 

10) BRANDING: How to create a new brand that optimizes your offer or how to reinvent your brand with a total brand makeover.

11) COPY WRITING: Use my sequential selling formula for copy writing that sends conversions to new records and has made myself and clients more than 1/4 billion dollars in sales. 

12) Business Buy / Sell Authority as a Business Broker and Recognized by the U.S. Federal Courts as a Business Valuation Expert. What to watch for when buying a business and how to get up to 25% more when selling.

Your Business is of Vital importance to You and the World

I greatly respect your contribution. I would be honored to help you grow your business and reduce your hours with the proven systems and formulas that have now helped so many others.   

Business Growth Coach

Get On the Proven Path Now To Grow Much Faster, Work Far Less, and Enjoy Your Business and Life More!

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“I am ready and waiting for you!”

Thank you,
Phil ‘Leap’ Baker

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