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I Love My Clients!

Collaborative Business Strategizing: I work with you to establish and achieve your goals.

BUSINESS GROWTH: Ready to scale your business 2x, 3x, or more…. working 25 hours a week or less? You can use the same formulas and systems I developed that made my businesses succeed and have now helped hundreds of others.

Business strategy development: Over 20 years of successful business experience and coaching hundreds of ecstatic clients. Started or bought more than 100 companies.

Get ‘Unparalleled Expertise’ TO HELP YOU With:

1) BUSINESS TROUBLESHOOTING: Do you need help with a business problem right now? Expert evaluation of your business challenges and the optimal solutions.

2) COMMUNICATIONS: Get the best outcomes from your customers, clients, employees, contractors, freelancers and negotiations.

3) CASH FLOW: How to increase your cash flow right now.

4) SCALING: Quickly outline the path to growing your business with priority action lists. Use the same formulas I have used to double and triple business revenues.

5) PLANNING / STRATEGY: How to plan any business or process and increase the success ratios.

6) PROJECT MANAGEMENT: The S.T.E.M. method I developed to maximize projects or business success.

7) MARKETING: How to evaluate what marketing is best for your offer and how to implement the plan. From funnels to email campaigns to top copy writing. Also establishing KPIs and interpreting metrics.

8) SALES: Team and individual strategies, motivation, coaching and planning. From script development to team building and making sales.

9) HIRING: How to use the same hiring techniques as the highly successful Fortune 100 companies.

10) BRANDING: How to create a new brand that optimizes your offer or how to reinvent your brand with a total brand makeover.

11) COPY WRITING: Direct Response copy writing… find out how I became the world’s top direct response writer and use my sequential selling formula.

12) Business Buy / Sell Authority as a Business Broker and Recognized by the U.S. Federal Courts as a Business Valuation Expert