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Business Coach 1Phil Business Coach

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How Can You Increase Your Business Value By Tens or Even Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Before You Put Your Business
Up for Sale?

Without Buying Any Hard Assets and Inventory or Increasing Your Revenue By Even One Dollar!

You can use the same formulas and systems I developed that made my businesses increase in value almost immediately without increasing revenue…  and have now helped hundreds of ecstatic clients do the same.

These are proven systems from over 25 years of starting and buying more than 100 businesses and selling them for profits of 200%, 300%, or more.

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Before You Sell Your Business
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Powerful Strategies to Offset Capital Gains Liability
and Put More Money In Your Pocket

Hello My Friend,

As a business broker, advisor, and valuation expert for several decades, I have been involved in more than 2,000 business transactions. I visited and evaluated businesses daily. Part of my job was to investigate businesses: due diligence on employees, contractors, processes, books, tax returns, systems, owner behaviors and habits, hiring, delegating, managing, marketing metrics, data, etc. I compiled libraries of information and data on these businesses and the listing and selling of all businesses in the U.S over 20 years.   

What did I discover from all this data?  

Businesses Sell for Less Than They Are Worth


Most Businesses That Go Up for Sale Will Never Sell

Did you know that the majority of businesses that are put up for sale will never sell?  They go out of business before they ever get a buyer. I have witnessed hardworking business owners lose large sums of money they had counted on for retirement, heirs left with nothing, and sudden poor health or divorce cause bankruptcy… all because the business did not sell.  

In most all cases this is because they did not take the steps to increase and solidify their value.

… And Undervalued Overpriced Businesses are Ubiquitous

How can a business be undervalued and overpriced? The business owner has an effort investment bias when pricing the business. Often, many brokers will go along with an inflated price in order to get the listing. Then if and when an interested buyer reaches the point of due diligence, the value is exposed. This ‘value’ is usually significantly less than the owner’s expectations. 

As a Business Broker and Appraiser, I sadly watched business owners, who were not my clients, either close their doors before ever selling or get 30%, 50%, even as much as 90% less than their businesses were worth when selling them.

I can help prevent this from happening to you and substantially increase the value of your business in just 6 weeks.

How Did I Develop A System That Can Quickly Increase Your Business Value Without Increasing Revenue?


For more than two decades, in addition to appraising, valuing and brokering companies, I bought and sold privately held businesses at a profit.

You could say I ‘flipped’ businesses…  businesses of all types. This was not a solo effort, I had assembled a skilled and versatile team including managers, accountants, agents, attorneys, etc.

I bought distressed businesses (or businesses from distressed owners.) During these years I researched, studied, and tested methods for increasing business revenue and business value.  I discovered how to increase the value of any business, increase revenue and profits and developed a system that is independent of increasing ‘revenue.’

I Discovered In Every Case, How I Could Use My System to Increase the Business Value By As Much As 20.8%…  and that is In Addition to Growing the Business Revenue and Profits 

In each business I implemented my systems and processes and developed ‘growth versus effort’ algorithms and metrics. These systems and processes have been applied to a myriad of industries including accounting firms, fabricators, health practices, manufacturing, marketing agencies, sales agencies, technology based, service based, professional practices, and more.

I wanted to maximize the values of my businesses and share these systems with other business owners so they could reap the values they deserved.  

Flipping small businesses is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. The goal was to at least double the value of each business in 12 months or less. We did this successfully and repeatedly on an unmatched scale.

We would double or triple cash flow and that had to reflect in profit. In addition I developed the  system that adds as much as 20.8% to the value of every business.

While I have failed at startup businesses more than once, we were 100% successful flipping businesses.

Great Business Coach

Yet this is not about me… this is about you and for you.

All this is not to blow my own horn but to illustrate the value of what you are about to receive.

In fact, I seldom have considered myself the smartest person in a room, frequently even when there is only one other person in the room! 

I merely had the opportunity to run into many more walls to find the doors in business than most people. I have an extensively broad range of business experience.

And I Have Great News For You!

I am sharing my knowledge and experience with you. Information that has unparalleled value for you.  I spent several decades  perfecting systems and processes to increase business value as fast as possible with the least effort and optimum results.  I spent the last few years teaching these methods to business owners and entrepreneurs and they are experiencing the same success. I call my system the “Value Leap™ Program”… of course!

What Does a 20.8% Increase in Value Mean for You?

Even if you have a small business the cash can be significant!


  • Increasing a $250,000 business by 20.8% = $52,000 more for you.
  • Increasing a $500,000 business by 20.8% = $104,000 more for you.
    Even just half of that at 10.4%:
  • Increasing a 3M business by 10.4% = $312,000 more for you.
  • Increasing a 5M Business by 10.4% = $520,000 more for you.

Larger businesses can benefit even more.

Note: These are pretax figures and every business is unique so value increases will vary.

I truly want to help you get the full value from your business that you deserve.

Value Leap™ is the Only Program On Earth That Will Significantly Increase Your Business Value In As Little As 6 Weeks… Without Increasing Revenue

There is nothing on earth like this program. For years I used these systems and formulas and now they are available to you.

While my formal education includes business and accounting, I learned that what they don’t teach you about business is the most important!

Why increase the value of your business?

1. Higher business value increases your borrowing power.  

2. You can sell stock and raise more capital; higher business value increases privately held stock values.  

3. Attract more buyers for your business when you sell and greatly increase the possibility for a successful sale at full value, pocketing tens or hundreds of thousands of more dollars.

4. Prevent losses from being under insured.

     5. You can avoid getting short changed when bringing in partners or setting up ESOPs.

6. Strengthen your brand and credit reputation. 

7. Help offset capital gains tax liability when you sell your business. 


This is not blue sky or goodwill value.
This is real, verifiable, measurable, tangible, and transferable value.

While you can certainly increase the value of your business by increasing revenue, though more sales, more clients, more services etc.  I will show you how to increase the value of your business without increasing your revenue by even one cent!  Not one additional sale, customer, or client; And not by adding any new products or services.

The Value Leap™ Program Has Additional Powerful Benefits:

After implementing this program several times I was surprised that the additional benefits are such high value, the savings can astonishingly surpass the intended ROI amount of increasing overall value.

 In addition to increasing your business value, this program will:

  • increase the efficiency of your business
  • lower costs
  • give you new perceptions and awareness
  • empower your decisions with new insights
  • show you how to better forecast profits and predict your business trends with new insights
  • help you spot issues earlier and prevent losses  
  • speed up the process of hiring consultants
  • improve on boarding of new employees and freelancers 
  • uplift employee moral
  • minimize business risk
  • empower management 
  • help assure you can have a successful sale of your business


Business Growth Coach

Your Business is of Vital importance to You, Me and the World

I greatly respect your contribution and admire business owners and entrepreneurs. I will be honored to help you get all the value from your business that you deserve with the proven systems and formulas that have now helped so many others.   

Please Do This Now!

If you do not implement this program in your business, you will be losing thousands of dollars, perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars should you choose or need to sell your business.

If you are planning to sell your business any time soon, please implement this program first!

You are at imminent risk:

In my many years of selling and appraising businesses, I saw time and again where business owners had to suddenly sell their businesses. These owners had done nothing to shore up the value of their businesses, let alone increase the value. Without warning they often did not even have six weeks. It was too late.

There was no way for these business to recoup the significant losses. These emergency sales occurred due to divorce, injury or a sudden health condition, death, a forced retirement, or partner break up.  

If you were my sister or brother, I would tell you; please book a time to meet now, you cannot afford to put this off.

Get Full Value From Your Business!

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